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The Furr Foundation started in 2010 when the Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor took in a cat named "Yellow." Yellow was close to a year old, but unlike most cats he was unable to use his back legs. Unfortunately, when Yellow was a smaller kitten a toddler stepped on him and rendered his back legs useless. The staff at the Animal Clinic felt that a wheel chair would help Yellow have a better, more mobile quality of life. They gave him all the love and medical care possible to make sure he was as healthy as he could be. Once he received his wheels he was a happy, extremely mobile cat. Yellow lived a full life, knowing nothing but love. Since then the group has been donating time and expertise to help cats with medical procedures and rescue groups with adoption services. In 2018, they received their official non-profit status, which makes every donation tax deductible.

It all started with a cat...

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