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Want to help but are unable to foster?
You can still help!

We are looking for volunteers who want to help support the FURR Foundation and their fosters with their time! We understand that not everyone is able to foster in their home, but there is still a way you can help: with your willingness and time!
We have partnered with Cups & Claws Café and they have graciously allowed some of our foster kittens and cats to temporarily reside there while they are in our foster care. When there, they are being well socialized and cared for while potential adopters mingle with them while visiting the café. We have had such wonderful success in partnering with the café that we now need more hands on deck!

Cat in a Green Vest
Grey cat sitting on a laptop

How Can
You Help?


Your Time

We are asking for two (2) hours of your time. We understand that your time is valuable, and we're not looking to burn you out. We hope that two hours will be a good amount of time to help the café keep our kitties taken care of and allow for plenty of time for kitty snuggles! 



If you have pets of any kind you know that floors are constantly full of loose pet hair, food, and all kinds of toys. We would like to help keep the floors of the café clean and presentable for all of our potential adopters! We're not looking for anything strenuous, but a light sweeping and mopping can go a long way!

Think you have what

it takes? We think you do!

Click the link below to reach our Volunteer Application!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Once you have completed your application, send it to and we will reach out to you!


Litter Box Cleaning

We all know that kittens and cats come along with their litter boxes. And with many foster cats comes many litter boxes. We need help cleaning up after our fosters to help Cups & Claws Café stay nice and clean for their visitors and for our kitties!! Nobody likes a stinky littler box.


Kitty Snuggles & Cuddles

We are always in need of help socializing our fosters! Snuggling and cuddling may sound like a mindless task, but believe us, it is an AMAZING help in getting our fosters adopted! 

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