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Every cat has a story...

We don't know what each and every cat has been through before they come to us. Some of our cats are found as strays, while others are picked up from a shelter because their owner abandoned them. No matter how they start out or what they've been through we're here to help write a better story for them.


Best Day Ever!

Adoption day is the happiest day for us! We know that our cat has found their home and can't wait to see what the future holds for them! You can be apart of this amazing journey with us!!! Please consider fostering!


Can you be apart of it?

Fostering is an important part of every cat's story. It's where they first find love and a sense of home. It's where they realize that there are good people out there that will love and nurture them no matter where they came from. Cats are more likely to open up and show their personalities while in a safe environment rather than in a shelter; and that helps us place them in the perfect home!

cat resting

Apply to be a Foster Today!

Click below to apply to be a foster through the FURR Foundation.

Green Eyed Cat
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